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世界のトップブランド、百貨店が軒を連ねる 南京西路。
地下鉄の駅を出て まっすぐ静安寺方向へ歩く。伊勢丹に近づいたところで ふっと脇道を見れば、なんとも味わい深いれんが造りの老房子(ラオファンズ)が建ち並ぶオールドタウンがそこにありました。ファサードもベランダの柵も窓の格子も 洒落てること。ポッケに手を突っ込んでフラフラしている親父、緑のワンピがお似合いね!フライパンとおたまを手に歩く 恰幅のいいおばちゃん、わりと高そうな外車の窓ガラスを掃除する 長い黒髪ミニスカ女子。そろそろ日も落ちかけてきた頃、どこからかいい匂いがしてきた。今夜の夕飯 なんですか?

Nanging West Road has the shops of top-brand and Department stores lined up. I went straight down the road toward Jing'an Temple after leaving a subway station, and found an old part of town there were tasteful "Laofanzu" built of brick lined up when I looked suddenly at a side road near "Isetan" department store.
Thier facades, old style verandas and lattices were very attractive. 
A man was strolling along with his hand in his pocket, a stout woman wearing a nice green dress was walking with a pan and a ladle in her hand, and a young woman who had long hair was washing a foreign car which looked expensive comparatively. The appetizing smell was beginning to fill the air the moment it was getting dark. "What are you having for dinner tonight?"

walking around nangjingxilu | 23:10 | - | shanghai: WALKING
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